Wts 69 m sp pvp/pve toon

positive wallet, nul sec.status, 4 jump clones, no kill rights, bo 50 bil

50 bil BO

Gattanera thank you, I accept bo, please be so nice to send me isk and info for transfer process

Sending now

Isk sent

You’re not the buyer, unless Virsuan changed his mind

Gattanera is the buyer, already agreed with her.

55b then

besides Gattanera is just a reseller/extractor

Show me the toons I’ve resold Joost.

Virsuan, if you want to sell to Joost, I am fine with this, but for more than 55 bil.

I am also good to keep our deal.

Gattanera yes I want to make a deal with you please

so 58b then?

Virsuan - feel free to make the 58b deal with Joost.

Joost send me 58 bil please

No answer from Joost. Bery strange guy, Gattanera your offer is still valid? if yes, lets do it for 50

wait 50B? Ok I’ll send isk now

lol, that’s not your deal Joost

Sending ISK

Sent mail about account details. Please confirm

I wont make a deal with Joost