WTS 6m Exhumers/VNI Pilot


  • 3 Remaps available (2 bonus, 1 reg)
  • Exhumers III (IV finishes in <2days, currently training)
  • Light/Medium Drones V
  • Good starter VNI pilot

Positive Wallet, Located in Jita, 1 JC in HS no implants, No Kill rights

** GM ticket will be used for transfer **

Will check offers before committing to a B/O

Confirming for sale

5 b offer

@Arisha_Moon lets make it 5.5b and you have a deal

5.25b :slight_smile:

How quick do you want the sale as I can do 6bil tomorrow

@Baltazario 6b tomorrow should be fine, assuming someone else doesn’t match it before then.

Ok great. Will message you when online tomorrow

No word back from @Baltazario happy to honor his offer if it comes in.

Until then, Exhumers IV finishes in less than 2days. Open to other offers.

Be home by half 5pm it’s currently 1622 payment will be made as soon as I get in my house

sounds good

Isk and account details sent thanks

@Baltazario I see the isk, but don’t have a mail for the account name on Rosebud Kane, can you resend it

ah you sent the mail to brock, got it

1k Plex is in Rosebud Kanes vault, and a GM ticket has been submitted. SHould happen in the next day or so when the GM gets to the ticket.

Feel free to contact this character for any updates on the ticket

Ok cool thanks

Just got a reply from the GM. Transfer has been completed.

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