WTS 7.7mil SP Alpha

7.3mil Allocated SP in basic Combat Gunnery skills
Tech 2 Small Hybrid Turrets
430k Unallocated SP

Located in Jita
Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights


5b Starting Bid

10b Buyout

3 bil

No trolls please :slight_smile:

you only have 7 mil SP… 4b is pushing for what its worth…

Only takes a couple minutes to look through the forum and find accounts with less SP selling for more than that. Sorry if you don’t have the isk available but run along and annoy someone else with silly offers. Have a good day :slight_smile:

You’re not wrong but 10b is robbery, expect at maximum your starting bid of 5

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Bump Today

ill offer 4.5b because you have wasted isk. let me know isk rdy

5 bil today and it’s yours

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Daily bump


Bump! Will accept offers over 4bil


Accepting offers over 3bil


Will accept an offer in the higher 3’s

i will offer 4b

Sold, Will hop on the computer today and work out what the process is! (Haven’t done this before). Will action my side within next few hours

Ok Snuh I am ready to transfer character once ISK is paid, cheers!