WTS 7.8m Sp, Covert Cyno Alt


Start 5B
B/O 8B

now this toon in NPC Corp.
After the DT, will refresh corp status


plz think about transfer fee … i can’t sell this toon under the transfer fee…

3.5b ok?

This is my final price, you are wasting too much of your skills

4bill :slight_smile:

Sorry, 4bil I have a better choice, if 3.5bil I really bought

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you still want to this toon?
i can wait 24H,
if there is no other offer

Ill send isk when i get home

isk and account info send

i will check plz wait for some time…i woke up 1hour ago…

character transfer was done,
after DT or wait sometime after
you can find this toon on your slot :slight_smile:

Still Sell this toon

4B B/O

I offer 4.5B

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