WTS 7.8m Stripped Avatar Pilot w/ +5's

EveSkillboard - Grave Dodger

1 remap
1 bonus remap
+5 Clone with the exception of the Charisma implant, pretty sure its a +4

I pay xfer
No kill rights
No assets
positive sec status

Skillbooks of note injected
Amarr Titan
Doomsday Operation
Doomsday Rapid Firing

Start - 4bn

4B offer


still for sale?

5.5b online now

6b ready

Top bid beyond 6b takes it come the end of Sunday 23:30 Eve Time

I have a +3 timezone, move the time to 21.00 :sweat_smile:

Bumps, around all day.

To the top, I havent heard from LLIAMAH

isk sent, message with account name also, waiting for transfer

transfer started.

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