WTS Perfect Avatar Pilot 61kk SP (Erebus skills injected)


Amarr Titan V
Gunnery/DD V

Gallente Titan Skills Injected
HG Slave + 1008 included

Start Bid: 65b
B/O: 80b

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65B offered

70b offered

70b offered

I cancelled

76b ready

80b offered

b/o price accepted

Please send isk and account name and I’ll start the transfer

sorry ,I had bought another one,you can continue to sell

well, 80b offered , since this FRT is not so sure

Ok, as the last offer was cancelled I’m accepting yours
Please send isk and account name and we’ll start the transfer process

isk send and account info send in eve mail box

isk received, transfer has been started to the mentioned account

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