WTS Excellent Focused Avatar Pilot 66M SP

Character has all relevant skills trained to level V including:
Amarr Titan
Doomsday Operation
Related Armor Skills
Related Gunnery Skills

PW 1234

Also, over 1.4 Million unallocated skill points.
Positive wallet.
Character will be located in hisec NPC station, has a -0.04 security status, basically 0.0, but still, and no kill rights.

Let’s see if anyone wants her bad enough to make me sell.

50 bill ?

55 bil

56 bill

66 bil ready


70 bil

71 bill


73 Bill


75 bil

76 bill

Currently 76 Bil is the high offer and in 24 hrs I will close the auction. Sexlotsraptor, if you are the high bidder still at noon CST tomorrow, she’s yours. :slight_smile:


77 billl


78b isk

79 bill

80b isk