WTS 71m SP character Amarr Marauder/Blops

NPC corp
multiple clones with full implant sets (mid grade)
9 jump clones, half in low sec half in high sec. Low sec only 1 jump from high sec
-1.8 sec rating
several kill rights, only couple minor ones active
239 kills 1 loss Zkillboard (if you are into that kind of thing) only loss was from snuffed out!
positive wallet balance
marauder pilot/Blops
many many many skills to lvl 5

35B offer

make it 40b

39b bo isk ready can buy now

ok i accept your offer of 39 bil

please send isk to this toon along with account name for transfer in game

isk and acc send
wait you

isk and account info received

ye OK


please del this pic

account has been transfered, verified by the buyer. just waiting the cooldown period

Glad to see you made the sale. It’s a superbly tuned character. Grats to the buyer as well.

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