WTS 72 m sp pilot

Pilot located in highsec, NPC corporation, no kill rights,
security status 2,6, wallet is positive
starting bid: 55b
b/o: 63b

let’s try 55B

58b on table

58 bil is good for me. Lets do it if you ready

I need about 1,5-2 hours to get home.
BTW you pay transfer by cash or PLEX?

I could argue that my 55B is right now …
But no …

cash, let me know when you online, If no one bid higher till that time I will sell to you

59 Billions

I accept 59b

sending isk and informations

Isk and Information sent

ISK received, I start transaction

Did you proceed with the transfer yet ?

Hope your not a victim of scam. If he made transfer by cash then you should receive mail from CCP.

ticket file when in doubt #897684

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