WTS 73 mil sp perfect Vyvern/Chimera pilot +tengu and Phoenix

(ShadowDuke) #1

73.5kk sp
Old pilot with good name :slight_smile:
Perfect Vyvern\Chimera
can fly on: perfect missionrunner tengu and
Phoenix ( XL Torpedoes 5 ),
Good leaderships skills for t2 destroyers
interceptor, interdictor, HAC, recoon, bomber, transport
No wasted skills!
Positive Wallet
SS 4
No Kill Rights

65B B/O

(Mytic) #2

55 bil ready

(Maizie Fields) #3

70 bil

(ShadowDuke) #4

good bid, but i will be wait better offer

(Gattanera) #5

71 bil

(Fatli Solvent) #6

72bil buy offer

(ShadowDuke) #7

price changed… pls don’t do bids less then start price :slight_smile:

(ShadowDuke) #8

bump :grinning:

(ShadowDuke) #9


(ShadowDuke) #10

:sunglasses: bump

(ShadowDuke) #11


(ShadowDuke) #12

:expressionless: bump!

(ShadowDuke) #13

skills and price changed

(ShadowDuke) #14

pls close topic
new topic on WTS 73 mil sp CAP/subcap character

(system) #15

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