WTS 93kk SP Vyvern/Chimera and subcap pilot


Perfect Vyvern\Chimera
can fly on: perfect missionrunner tengu and
Naglfar ( Siege V ),
Gallenter, Caldari, Minmatar Battleships V
interceptor, interdictor, HAC, recoon, BO, bomber, transport
No wasted skills!
Positive Wallet
SS 5
No Kill Rights

90b B/O

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80 bil

81 bil


less then cost SP? :slight_smile:

then go extract it and see if you can make that amount… consider my last offer retracted… good luck

bump :grinning:

bump :sunglasses:

His math is good - my “Character Shredder” says slight loss at 80B.

so about 3b for transfer?

bump :roll_eyes:

bump :wink:

bump :sunglasses:

still for sell?

82 bil

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