WTS 68kk SP Vyvern/Chimera and subcap pilot


Perfect Vyvern\Chimera
can fly on: perfect missionrunner tengu and
Caldari Battleships V
interceptor, HAC, recoon, BO, bomber, transport
No wasted skills!
Positive Wallet
SS 5
No Kill Rights

65b B/O

52 bil offer

53b for low gun skills but nice drones navigations

53,5 bil

53.5b sounds fine to me.
B/ o 53.5b
Confirm it n I will send isk n information

mothership don’t need gun skills ))

I guess you have mistaken me for topic starter.

Exactly. The character is not focused enough, but can do fine if retrained properly.

54 bil

Go go

Go go

Stop jeopardizing the sales. It’s clear that 60b is above skill extraction profitability.

What the hell does that have to do with anything? You’re looking over 130 billion to inject a toon to this extent, a characters value on the bazaar is not in skill injector of extracted skills. It’s in how much it would cost to inject a toon to that point, minus a certain percentage to get the attention of individuals.

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