WTS 73m SP Indus/PVE



1. Wallet balance.

2. Kill rights
No Kill Right

3. Jump clones
1 Jump Clone in Alillere VI Moon 3 - Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Office in High Sec 0.8

4. Character location.
Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant in High Sec 0.9

Opening Bid : 60B

Not a standard selling process


58 bil

60b up for 24 hours

62B offer

I accept your offer. Now how should we proceed to do the character transfer?

transfer the isk to the character. once you get it and the username from him. you pay for the transfer

OK, ISK and mail sent,for the transferred account information, please check the in-game email

I made the character transfer, can you tell me if it’s good on your side?

yes it’s perfect and on your side?

ty,I need wait 10 hours to see it

Elsa if you go into Account Management then at the Bottom choose character transfer. You can see pending transfer to that account. fyi.

Thanks,the char has been received

your welcome nice thank you for the transaction

I gained new knowledge,thank you!