WTS 73m SP PVP Pilot

No kill rights
Character in NPC corporation
positive wallet
+5 security status
character in Jita
61 smiling Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)
B/0 90b (Contains a lot of ships worth 20b)

90B now OK?


I will send you ISK and mail as soon as possible, thanks!

Hello, I have sent ISK to your account, please transfer the role under my account
Thank you!

Received,transfer will start as soon as possible

  1. Items cannot be listed among the character’s valuable assets, only skills, implants, SKINs, and reputation. You are buying/selling the character ONLY and nothing else. Ships and items can be readily bought or sold on the market for ISK.

The Ships and Assets will NOT be transfered…you have to pay the 20b back to the Buyer…

Hello GM, where will the supplies in the character go?

I’ll have to find out for myself, but it is certain that the assets are not transferred with the character.

I will be happy to tell you what I can find out - but if the asset value is not replaced by the seller, I advise you to open a Support Ticket so that you can get back the overpaid isk.

Thank you for your help, I would like to wait for the seller’s reply, I will wait until tomorrow at the latest, so it may be a little faster.

contract all your assets to another charatcter…

If the Seller Allready has startet the Transfer i am afraid that all assets could be allready lost.

Those things sadly happens, if a Seller does not read the Forums Rules about Transfers …

GM Hello, I have received the role, including ships and supplies. I had bought 300 skill extractors and sold them to get ISK, but I had not found the right character. I need a character to experience the game, so when I saw the role I was happy and bought out. I can accept the ships and supplies in the game, I think it is not appropriate to ask the seller for 20B again. So what do you think I should do?I will take your advice.
Thanks for your help!