WTS 75M PvP Pilot - Dread Capable

Can fly a Naglfar with TI siege and TII guns (just need to literally train the specialization skill)

Needs to Train JDC V, this and TI siege have been taken into account with pricing.

Can fly most sub cap PvP ships with good skills in gunnery and missiles.

Drone skills are setup for mostly PvP and decent

Good support skills.

Extractors Possible= 140

Starting Bid is 65B
B/O is 85B


you have to share a link of your character from: https://eveskillboard.com/

Doh, not a lot of sleep, thanks.

np. 50Bil offer

51 b offer

Accepted, waiting for isk and account info

isk and info sent thx.

Isk received and transfer started

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