WTS 75M (w/ 4M unused) SP Sub-Cap PvP Pilot (Machariel & Rattlesnake)


All CCP rules apply.

Level 5 Interceptors
Level 5 HAC
Level 5 Assault Frigate
Level 5 Tactical Destroyers
Level 5 Strategic Cruiser
Level 5 Machariel and Rattlesnakes w/ required skill set
Level 5 Gallente, Caldari and Minmatar Battleship

Has Jump Drive Calibration and Jump Drive Operation at Level 5 as well, if you want to start moving into capital ships.

Great PvP (or PvE) pilot with great skillset. You can do almost anything you want in sub-caps.

B/O 48b

41 bil b/o

44 offer

Replied and sent in-game mails.

44.2 bil b/o

I’ll accept, send isk and account name and i’ll start transfer.

whose you accept ?

Yours, the highest at 44.2

44.5 offer

Fair enough, Orlestane all yours at 44

isk and acc name sent

Transfer started, enjoy!

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