WTS 77M SP 2008 pilot

Leadership/Industrial/JF Pilot 500k+ Free Skill points
Flys a lot of Subcap ships
JF pilot and Rorq pilot


Rhea, Rorqual, Tengu, Loki, Command ship, Logistics Pilot

JFC 5 -JDC 5- WDC 5- Cyno 5

Can fly most sub cap ships.

Character located in Jita, High sec, positive sec status, NPC corp. no kill rights

b/o bid 55b
ready for quick transfer



41B oFfer

Sorry cant sell for that price.


44b b/o offer by mail still think that is below extraction though. Looking for more offers. thanks

Mail sent in-game with b/o offer


looking to sell this weekend

45 Bil? Evemail me if you accept and I will login and send isk. I will be on cell so make sure you evemail me :slight_smile:


sent mail, can do 46b b/o

offer sent


offer 47b right now valid for next 30min

sorry but have offers of 52, 55 and 56b offers by mail.

bump also please post offers here instead of mail if possible. Thanks


offer 47.5b