WTS 79.5m sp character

Looking to sell myself. Character sheet can be found here Traygor Dallocort

Character has positive wallet, positive sec status. is based in hi sec and in an NPC corp ready to go.

Opening Bid : 50bn
Buyout: make me an offer
will last for 1 week unless buyout offer accepted before then. Will not sell for lowball offers

Ill start you off at 50B

daily bump. Opening offer received. lets see if we can get this sold

51B Bid

new bid + new day = bump time

55B offer

56B Bid

getting interesting now. new bid in of 56b. lets see where we go.

adding a buyout of 66b

57B Bid

new day new bid - getting closer to selling. daily bump


60B B/O

61.5b Offer.

Message in-game if winner: "Avelarius Amilupar)

new high bid received. lets see if we can reach the magic number of 66b today. looking to sell

62b offer

another new day and another new high bid. lets try and get this sold. just another 4b needed to reach the b/o - lets go

63b offer

Due to unforseen circumstances i am bringing auction to a close at 21:00 eve time today as wont be around tomorrow. 63b current highest bid, 7.5 hours left

guessing you won with bid of 63b. transfer isk and mail me ingame with account details in order to process transfer

isk & email sent