WTS 79m SP Carrier & Freighter Pilot

Selling this character 79m SP

dj igor

Can fly Caldari & Gallante Carriers/Supers
Has Jump Freighter skill injected and close to flying Mimmatar and Gallante JF
Can Fly Fenrir and Obelisk Freighters

Positive wallet balance
Positive security status
No kill rights
Currently located in High Sec. in Jita
NPC Corp

Implants : +4 Set

Start Bid : 30bill
Buyout : 50bill

30b offer

35b offer.



dj igor I will offer 40B.

41B Offer


Selling today in 10hrs time. Highest bid so far 41bill.

43bil buyout

NewPapik you are the highest bidder, if you are still interested please send the 43bill isk to this character and I will initiate the transfer

I still have the 41b handy if the other buyer is not respinding.

sending it now in game

isk and ingame mail sent

Isk received, and transfer initiated.


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