WTS 79M SP Perfect Komodo/Leviathan Pilot!

Looking to sell this character. Character is currently in an NPC corp.

Perfect Komodo/Leviathan Pilot. 79.2mSP

Gallente Titan 5
Caldari Titan 5
DD 5
DD Rapid Firing 5
Fighters 5
Heavy Fighters 4
Light Fighters 4
XL Cruise Missile Spec V
XL Torp Missile Spec V

HG nirvana set:

Currently at an 80-90B Buyout. As of the titan books and implants.

Will consider any and all offers of course.

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Bit lower than I was hoping for, can you come up to 75B? If so she’s yours :slight_smile:

I am currently online if you wish to talk in-game.

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