WTS 8,3m Sleipnir pilot

3m in gunnery
mid grade crystal 1-4
command ships and AWU - 4
clean no history, in npc corp
2 remaps
i pay transfer fee, all rules
b/o - 8b

Why do people think that toons are worth more billions then the SP amount?

how much will it be atm? half year since last log

6b approx.

5b offer isk ready

bump .

4.5b offered

5b ISK and Slot Ready

bid retracted

Sorry,already got another char yestoday,big retracted~

accepted, w8 isk

wait, if i cant transfer character via plex, then trade is off…

You can, you just need to put in a petition. Theres a category for character transfers.

put 1k plex in your vault, open character transfer ticket , wait 12h-3days

Include a link to this sale thread, and include the orig and dest account names

close pls, sell is off

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