WTS 8.5m industry character - unwanted


No longer wish to keep this character so starting the bidding off at 250 million isk.
Started training for Rhea and Rorqual but still a couple months to go.

250 million isk everybody, any takers?

1 bil. ISK?

Very nice offer, I will give my post a couple of day’s just to see if there is any more interest,.

Kind Regards

Offer 1.5 bil

I offer 1.8 bil

2 bil

2.1 bil.

2.5 bil

3 bil.

Offer 3.5 bil

3.6 bil.

3.7 bil and a quick hj

4 bil.

4.5 bil and a bottle of wine

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sold - pending

Money send, sorry for the delay.

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Not a problem, thank you very much.


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