WTS 8 toons cloaky hunters able to fly nemesis's 2bill each , 4.6 Mill sp . individually or bulk

just a reminder you should not claim that some skills can be learned in alpha when you actaully need omega for them. @Libby_Fischer and then you claim that you dont know , scamming is not allowed here.

I’ve edited my first post so keep calm (though your questionwas about SP, not the skills). It’s no scamming here, just discussion.

im gonna flag you’re posts off topic from now on.

It’s still free bump lol
And you still need to log in with every character and post here

flagged off topic

toon 1


toon 3


toon 5

toon 6

toon 7

toon 8

I’ve cleaned up the flags in this thread. Thanks for confirming the characters for sale. Moving forward, please keep the bumps to one per day.

would you take 10b for all 8?


you didn’t like my offer then? or you didn’t see it?

I’m looking for a better offer if possible.

Is 11 billion better? 16b is too much for all 8 for me, but i open to counters.

I would give 7B for the first 4, please let me know if you accept and I’ll send isk.