WTS 80.6kk character

(Seth Foiritan) #1


Positive wallet
Positive sec status
3 remaps available
200k unallocated SP

start price 70b
b\o 80b

(elementzz) #2

Like the toon, but can’t hit that starting bid. Happy to chip in at 58bn if you’ll consider it. Otherwise a free bump!

(Seller Girl) #3

64 B/o

(Seth Foiritan) #4


(elementzz) #5

Few days with no activity but I’m still interested. Have created some more funds through recent sales - can up my offer to 60bn if @Seller_Girl has decided on a different character?

(Seller Girl) #6

@elementzz my offer still stands but seller has not acknowledge or countered it, so I would assume he is firm on the starting price.