(Gods Artist) #1

Bid starts: 25 Billion
B/O: Offer i can’t refussee

Curently training: Light Fighters LvL 5

Positive Wallet
Postive Sec Status: 1.06!
2x Bonus remaps
3x Jumpclones
eve online

WTB Nidhoggur Pilot
WTB: About 13m SP Minmatar Super Carrier charactor (Bought)
(Perpetualed) #2

25 billion.

(King G Master) #3

offer 27b

(Perpetualed) #4

28 billion.

(King G Master) #5

offer 30b

WTB: About 13m SP Minmatar Super Carrier charactor (Bought)
(Gods Artist) #6

Curently b/o 36billion from King G Master

(Hammersmashed face) #7

I dont see a bid for 36b in the thread so i’ll offer 34b

(Gods Artist) #8

He said 36b in this thread, but he aint home, at hotel or something, so that;s why id ididnt put the bid on this thread yet!

(A Craptor) #9
          42b :D

(Gods Artist) #10

Waiting for King G Master to confirm his buyout of 36billion!

WTB Hel/Supercarrier Sitter Toon [Not Anymore]
(King G Master) #11

ISK has been remitted. Please confirm and transfer the toon, thank you.

(Gods Artist) #12

Isk recieved. And b/o acepted. Will start toon transfer when i get home!


(King G Master) #13

When to transfer roles, specific time

(Gods Artist) #14

Starting transfer in 20min from now!

(Elite Pixels) #15

The ticket is in with gm/ccp for the transfer, i give ya update when the have started it!

(King G Master) #16

Did transfer start ? It is already 24hrs.

(Gods Artist) #17

Waiting for ccp to reply on the suport ticket, for the char transfer!

(King G Master) #18

ok :grinning:

(Gods Artist) #19

i am sorry, but my ticket is still open and no reply yet from gm or ccp!
Hopefully they start transfer soon!

(King G Master) #20

Character received, thank you~ :grinning: