WTS 82m SP BLACK OPS/Missile Pilot

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Character Georgee Vii is heavily focused on Missiles.
Ships Specialized in are Stealth Bombers, Battleships and Black Ops.
Georgee Vii can fly the Panther and Widow out of the gate.

Located in Jita 4-4
In NPC corporation.
Positive wallet.
No kill rights.

2 Jump clones in Low Sec:
Kinakka- High-Grade Snake SET
Innia- Mid-Grade Snake SET

All CCP rules apply.

Buy Out: 85 Bil
Start Bid: 60 Bil

PLZ Take 60b buy out! I’m online now

I honestly thought the character would sell faster. I’m going wait a little longer before making a decision. Thanks for making an offer

@Georgee_Vii - confirm skillboard is set to public, it is showing no user found.

Big man saving the day. Thanks for the help!

61b offer


66.96 bill buyout. Only avail till I find a char.

I’ll do 62b if JediTruth finds another character

Could you do 67b ?

Could you do 67bil ?

Sure thing 67 billion offer.

Ill be online in an hour

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Can you confirm acceptance of 67 bill for the character on the board before I send isk.

I agree on 67 billion for the character Georgee Vii

Isk Sent and account information sent

Isk has been received and I’ve now transferred the character to the account name you provided. thanks dawg! Character will be transferred on 1/12/2023 1:11:50 PM

Thanks all the best and have a great start to the new year!