WTS 82mil Carrier | Dread pilot


Revelation full t2 fit.
Aeon | Wyvern | Hel full t2 fit and fighters t2.

Amarr Battlecruiser - V
Amarr Battleship - V
Amarr Cruiser - V
Amarr Destroyer - V
Amarr Dreadnought - V
Amarr Frigate - V
Caldari Battleship - V
Caldari Carrier - V
Gallente Battleship - V

No kill rights
Wallet positive
Few available jump clones
In high security with 5.0 sec status

Starting bid: 75B

82 Billion ISK Right here

83 bil

84 B ready

Accepted please send info and isk and i will get started.

account name AND iSK Send

Sorry, account is blocked, now I will write to CCP.

bring me ISK

There is a lock for security breach, let’s see what they say in the CCP. I created a ticket with a question. I’m sorry, but your ISK stayed on a locked account.

As they unlock my account, I will immediately return your ISK to you. So far, I have not received a response about the reason for the blocking. Ticket # 916283

Hello my friend! One of the administrators of Senior GM Huginn finally answered me, now he will figure out the reason for the blocking and remove it. I will give you back ISK as soon as he does it!

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