WTS 83M Capital Pilot. Revelation / Apostle / Rorq / Aeon


PW: sellme

Great Revelation / Apostle / Aeon Pilot.

Has really good Fleet support skills as well.

Character was born 2003. (As pointed out 2004 not 2003)

  1. Wallet balance - Is positive at point of sale

  2. Kill rights - No kill rights outstanding

  3. Jump clones - 4 x High sec clones including a set of Med Slaves

  4. Character location. - Character is parked in Jita.

  5. Sec Status is -0.10

starting Sale price is 70B (I’m around this weekend if quick sale and transfer is wanted?)

Buyout 80B or nearest offer

Corporation Caldari Provisions
Date of Birth 2004-07-23 00:24:00
R / B / A Caldari / Civire / Entrepreneurs
Skill points 83,979,302
Security Status -0.10 (-0,100571245139994)
Unallocated 10,250
Remaps 3

Just to make you aware

ahh sorry thought he was 2003 :slight_smile:

But hey least there is nearly another 1 million SP and the 3 remaps I forgot to mention

Convo me in game.

In game offer received of 70B

Offer accepted and awaiting payment before Transfer from IchooseYou

71 bil b/o

BO accepted transfer and provide details to transfer

isk and account name sent

71B Isk received from theDancer Girl

Transfer initiated

3/25/2018 11:36:35 AM UTC
1 x EVE Character Transfer

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