WTS 85M SP & 1.4M Unlocated

Looking to sell my EvE Online Toon.
Most Skills are focused into Plex Farming, Scanning and Bit of PvP

  • Wallet is Positive.
  • No Kill Rights.
  • 2 Jump Clones Located in JITA with Expensive Implants.
  • Current Location is JITA IV

EveSkillboard - vi vi

  • Pass is 123456

Starting the Bid at 50B

70 bil BO offer

Ill accept your offer.

Bump Still for sale.


Ill start the Bid at 50B and will close auction on 27 Dec 2020 at 5PM Est. Toon will go to the highest bidder.


O/ Highest bid is 51B still for sale auction end tomorrow 5PM EST.