WTS 85m sp toon

85m sp toon
3mil unallocated sp

All jump skill 5
Adv Industry/Cap ship production/Mass production 5
Tons of good mining skills
Amarr Carrier 5

follow all CCP rules
in npc corp
no killright

starting bid: 73b

I’ll put 74b on this in case the other one I’m bidding is slow

77bill as per my WTB post

if u can go 79 its urs

I can’t I am afraid, I can go to 78 though

accepted. pending ino

Sorry about the dealy, I had tickets to T Swift.

Isk and account details sent.

Ok I have to come clean because you have to be honest on the character Bazaar (those are the rules).

I did go to see T Swift, but I spent all of my allowance on PLEX to buy characters so I had to stand in the parking lot outside the stadium.

xfer initiated thank

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