Wts 86m sp character

(stranik stark) #1

positive wallet
locate in high sec
kill rights - no
ready for transfer
60b start bid
77b BO

(Raiven Parker) #2


(stranik stark) #3

offer accepted waiting isk and data for transfer

(Raiven Parker) #4

ISK sent from p2volume

Account: sagefhopkinsalt3

(Raiven Parker) #5

Please transfer account

(stranik stark) #6

isk recived coming home and doing transfer

(Raiven Parker) #7

Ok thanks!

(Raiven Parker) #8

Still not transferred?

(Raiven Parker) #9

Its been almost 24 hours, please initiate the transfer so I don’t have to request a refund from CCP.

At the 24 hour mark Ill be contacting CCP to recover my ISK

(Raiven Parker) #10

Support ticket has been submitted

(Raiven Parker) #11

Note that if you’re account is found to be scamming on the Character Bazaar you will receive a ban and I’ll get my ISK back so please just transfer it back to me

(ISD Sakimura) #12

(ISD Sakimura) #13

@Raiven_Parker do not openly call out your account name, simply just reply with “ISK and Account Info sent” (when you have transfered ISK to character and send an evemail to the character with the Account name it’s to be transfered to)

It’s now up to Customer support to resolve the issue. When it is, @stranik_stark you are welcome to recreate the thread, but do remember to re-authenticate your eveskillboard.com profile!