WTS 87.5M SP PVP Subcap Pilot

87.5m + 971k unallocated
Positive sec status
Positive wallet
+5 training clone
Located in Jita
No killrights

Starting bid: 55B

50B Ready

Hey @GunGunW, does your offer still stand? I accept if it is :slight_smile:

Sorry, my offer is invalid because I bought another role

No problem! Bump!

Daily bump, still available :slight_smile: <3

Hi! I could go for 50B, it is currently just outside my capacity, so I’d need a couple of days to sell some assets and have the whole 50B.

Would that be possible? Are you in a rush? And if you accept this offer, would you accept to secure the deal just so I don’t go through all the troubles to then end up without it?
Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. :slight_smile:

Hey @Nox_Tristiva! Sure, i’ll take 50B! Will hold for a few days! Thanks.

PENDING SALE to @Nox_Tristiva

Thank you, this is much appreciated! I’m getting onto it right now! I’ll reach back in 3 days from now. Have a good week!

@xConro_Aideron I think I got everything required! (Earlier than expected!) I’ll log in a couple of hours today (4-6h from now) and send you the isk and required information.

I thank you for your time and patience!

@Nox_Tristiva Ready when you are! :slight_smile:

@xConro_Aideron Hi! I just sent the isk using “Nox Tristiva”, and sent you an evemail with the account name where it should be transfered too. Thanks for waiting on me, very appreciated. =)

Hey bud, can ya send me the account name? I think you sent me a char name via eve mail :smiley:

Character transfer initiated to @Nox_Tristiva

Received the character, thanks for the transaction. :slight_smile:

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