WTS (SOLD) super toon nyx/aeon/hel/wyv 88m sp (logi/jf/fax/transport/sin)

has skills for nyx/aeon/hel/wyv
good all around alt, gallente and support focused currently learning anshar skills
2012 character
carriers 5 logi 5 jump skills 5
no kill rights
has mid grade ascendancy in covryn
geno pod in ostingele
npc corp
pos wallet

I can offer 42b

offer retracted

50b was closer but looking for a bit more


I can up my offer to 43b, but it stands for 24 hours before I spend available isk

Can offer 44bil

looking for more. thanks

would you do 46B?

Why are you looking for as a b/o ?

im thinking 60

offer 47b

looking for closer to 60

Sent an eve mail. please check

I’m just at the office right now, but ill check once I get home in a few hours! :+1:

offer declined. still for sale!

Revised offer in game

offer accepted. pending sale

send isk and accountname

Isk and account name sent in game. Please confirm and initiate transfer

transfer initiated! SOLD thank you.

Thanks awaiting receipt of character