WTS 8M SP Orca/Obelisk Pilot,

Location High Sec
Positive Sec Status
No bounties, Killrights for or against.
No notable assets or skins included
Positive wallet, no actions against
In NPC corp (Federal Naval Academy) No other corp history

8.5B start, all offers here as account infrequently used.
Auction ends June 6, 2019 unless BO accepted before this date.

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8.5bil ready

Thank you for your offer, waiting for a few more during the weekend. Bump.


Still on offer.

Relisting her, great hauler with a clean corp history.

8.6 Bil

Thank you for your bid :slight_smile:


Daily bump

Still available for bids, b/o offers.

Daily bump

9.5 billion buyout offer

Sorry, just got up. Buyout accepted if still interested.

Sorry, alt-fingers. Indeed, Buyout accepted

Sorry, I was sleeping as well. Account info and isk has been sent.

No problem! ISK received and character transfer started. IG contact provided if you have any concerns, please be advised of the 10hr delay as per CCP before transfer to your account is finalized. Again, thank you so much!

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