WTS 9.8M SP Gallente PI and Research pilot

Sayathea Zoya - Gallente PI and Research pilot.

Main highlights

  • 9.881.532 Skill points (7.091 unallocated)
  • Full +5 attribute implants
  • PI maxed out + Customs Code expertise V
  • Research: max 11 science jobs, Advanced Lab Operation V
  • Good for copying and ME/PE research
  • 2011 character, only two previous corporations

EVE Skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Sayathea_Zoya

Additional info

  • No kill rights.
  • No jump clones.
  • No ship skins owned.
  • No bounties.
  • No standings beyond the initial standings.
  • Zero security status.
  • ISK will be minimally positive or zero.
  • No substantial assets, apart from a T2 fitted Epithal for PI.
  • Location: Tash-Murkon / Sizamod system, NPC station.


Iteron Mark V, Epithal, Nereus, Kryos, Miasmos

Asking: 5.4 Billion buyout.

I will take her for 5.4b, will send you isk and account info shortly

Sweet. Awaiting the info and isk.

confirming isk and account info sent to @Sayathea_Zoya

Aye, isk and info received - starting the transfer. Thanks!

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