WTS 9 mil SP VNI Ratter

Good for afk ratting/ small gang pvp


Can fly VNI for ratting

positive wallet
no jump clones
located in highsec
no killrights


i say 5b

5,5 Bil for this one.

I would take 8 bil b/o. Look at the drone skills and small gun skills =)

Bump to the top! Don’t let this guy go!!

I will give u 5.6

he’s worth more than that in just injectors never mind drone skills… so minumim 7.5 bil

Bumpy bump 7.5 bil right now im online!

Nope he’s only worth around 4bil in injectors.

7.5B as per the in game mail.

I made the offer of 7.5B above. If you accept my offer, please transfer your character to General Galacticus.

As per the rules, the ISK will be sent from the General Galactus account. I will also prove that I am the same person if you need that.

Sorry I just saw this.

I’ll check in game mail and start the transfer shortly once I have acct name and the isk.

Buyer has dropped out.

Let the bidding continue! 7.5 Bill Buyout right now. I’m online!

7.2 bil b/o. money ready

Sorry for late reply…he’s already discounted… 7.5 bil if you are still interested.

agree.7.5 b/o

ok…cool…please evemail lit cr with the acct # isk and ill start transfer. =)

account info and isk sent

I have received acct info and isk and have started character transfer. Fly safe!