WTS 90.8 mil SP Industry / T2 Mach-Nightmare-Vindi Incursion / FleetBooster / PvP pilot

I am just selling this 2010 character with 90.8 mil SP for ISK only.
PW: fail

Wallet: Positive
Location: Jita
Corp: NPC
No Kill Rights
Able to install 8 jump clones

Great incursion pilot able to use all T2 large guns (projectile, hybrid & laser) with a Machariel, Nightmare, and Vindicator. Can fly many other sub-cap ships too.
Also good with industry, station management, production, research, PvP, fleet boosting.

Can also use Bowhead, Fenrir, and you just need the Industrial Command Ships 1 skill to use an Orca which takes less than 1 hour of training to be able to fly that!

Starting bid 40 bil

I can offer 40B.

41 b. Can we know bo?

offering 42b

51 BO offer

52b offer

53 b offer

54b offer

I’ll sell immediately for 60bil, otherwise highest bidder as of the evening of Sunday the 21st wins.

My glorious mustache can be yours for the low low price of only 55-60bil

okay, ill take it. 55b, ill send isk shortly

isk sent, check wallet tx notes for account id, an*****09

any news?

Thank you, you made the winning bid. Starting transfer procedure…

Transfer takes CCP 10hrs to complete so it should be done in 9hrs 59mins from this post.


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