WTS 90 m sp cap&subcap toon

I am here to sell awesome all-around pilot who has got 90 m skill points. Pilot got his origin in 2008.
I am attaching eveskillboard to let you study all his learned skills. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kloss_Alex

Kloss has got highly developed armor, engineering, missiles, subsystems and targeting skills.

Sec. status is 2.19
Wallet is empty but positive
2 Jump clones are available
No kill rights
Npc corp as required by bazaar rules
Moved to high sec

Starting bid: 70 bil

Greetings, Kloss. Very nice character. Before bidding, a concern: he appears to have been inactive since 2011. Please comment on the period of inactivity, and please let us know how your former corp W-Space Inc is doing these days!

Thanks and best regards, Maizie

Corp is inactive nowadays, I wasnt playing much last time, was just training skills, thats why I have decided to sell him, maybe someone else find him better use

75 bil


78.5 bil

I accept 80 bil offer

yes of cause I am ready and near PC

isk recived transfer started

another Victim ?

which extracting sp patch ? i have same issue atm, i bought char and waiting for ccp

Glad you got your ISK back fast!

wait what ? where did u report ? i didnt get mine yet

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