[wts] 90 M sp pve/pvp/exploration/mining 2008 character


i selling my main character 90 M sp .


password : 123
- character is located at jita
- 5.0 standing security

  • positive wallet 30M

  • possitive kill bord

  • full implant +5 learning located dodixie

  • with 5 implant with combat bonus 5% for tengu ship

  • starbase skills 5

  • 3 races all t1 /t2 mostly amar calda galent with some minmatar

  • strategic cruiser at 5 3 races

  • include marauder black ops 3 races

  • all race ship fc + skills boost for armor and chield t2

  • full tanking shield and armor

  • jump freighter ready rhea

  • caldary and amar caps ship availlable in low time skill can’not see on the eve skill board

need serious offert

updated 23/01/2019
updated 15/02/2019
updated 22/03/2019 new offer

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I’ll initiate the bids with a 70 bill offer

thanks for the offert bump

bump need offer pleaz

75 bill offer

thanks for offer

need bump plz

i need 85 B for this but i will see bids offers

thanks to the effort to sell this charactère


are you always interested for my chartacter named acspxav ?

are you always interested for my character name acspxav ?

yes, the offer stands

I’ll submit an offer of 72.5 billion.

deleted in 24 hour uneless flagued ???

can you explain more pleaz ?

what i must do for save my post ?


the to offer at the moment is 72.5 Billions


75 bil


77 bil

78 bil here

78.5 bil

79 bil