WTS 91m Sp Fighter Thany / Nyx / more ships

For sale Rank Deker :sunny:

  • SP 90.650.000 millions
  • SS -1.0
  • Wallet +
  • Killboard +
  • Mid Alsklepian
  • Carrier : Thany
  • Sup Cap : Nyx
  • No Corporation
  • Taxe for transfert will be pay.
  • Remap Attribus Rdy
  • Skill at V = 103

Board : https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Rank_Deker (7676)

Zkb : https://zkillboard.com/character/95348363/

Starting bid : 50b
B/O 85b

What is the Skillboard password?

pass : 7676

80b now , right ?

i would like propose you 85 b/o.

Let me know


Lilte bit more around 90 for the b/o.

86 here

Retracted, i’m looking for an other char.


Bump !

Last bump before close.
i’m chaning b/o 80

I’d like to accept 80B b/o, but I need about two weeks to collect enough isk.

Hi, I’m waiting you. Send me in game.

Ill accept the 80b b/o. Happy to send you the isk now. Sending in game messages now.

Thanks! Looking forward, 80b sent!

Bumping, haven’t heard back yet. Isk and account name were sent 9h ago. :slight_smile:

Hi Zeli , thx for tour offer but i cant accept at this Time cause i m travelling without computer. I m back on réal on two days . I m trying to get back your money quickly.

Hi Rank,

That is unfortunate. :frowning:

However, feel free to hold onto the isk and transfer the character when you are able. I would still like to own the toon. I suppose I should expect the transfer to start around Jan 24th?

Sorry i just give you back 80b. When i will be at home. I ll contact you.

Okay thank you, please do contact me back as I am very interested in your toon.

Rdy for sale !