WTS 91mil SP 2011 Character


Selling, please post buyout below.

Starting: 60b

I’ll start you at 60

Edit: Mail sent in game about this offer, and my need for sleep :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, will sell later tonight if nothing higher comes in.

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50bil ready fow felow TNT member will take good care of it

You actually low balling? lol.

60bil offer to open and you thought it fitting to offer 50bil?

Buyout is 75bil, you far off :stuck_out_tongue: As a fellow TNT :slight_smile:

that 60bil is offered buy notorius character extrator so it will be extrated and biomass
im buying touse it as pvp ton
atm got just 55bil on me but o well

62 Bil

Says the person trying to make offers multiple billions below any price that can even be reasonable on every listing I see you post on. Don’t drag my name through some mud when you may not know what you are talking about. I may skill farm, however I do not biomass characters whatsoever, so please STFU on assuming what I do.

If you want proof on that, look at my corp. Every character I have ever bought is in it. -1 which got resold.

No offense, but i could get 65bil by extracting and sell them on the market. So why would i entertain anything less than that in the first place?

Make sense if you going to bid. As i said before, i’m selling for 75bil, maybe 70 if i’m feeling frisky :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll offer 65 and promise to keep it around as a Subcap alt :slight_smile:

Stretch to 67 and i can transfer it shortly :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, let me get it sorted

ISK and account info sent

Received, trying to do transfer but can’t find the use plex option under the payment method.

Will advise.

You have to have 1000 PLEX in your vault and then request the transfer via a Support Ticket. Did this a couple of days ago.

Ah, ok cool. Got the plex in vault, will open ticket in game now.

I think you might have to do that on the Support Website now, afaik they removed the in-game option for Support Tickets

Your request was successfully submitted.

Ye, i logged it now on the support site.


Character received, pleasure doing business!

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