[WTS] 92mil SP OCD Friendly Combat Pilot

Geno Chiliad
Password: 998765

Selling myself. Most skills at 4 or 5 and subcap focused. Just recently started skilling into Dread piloting.

About me:

  • Positive Wallet
  • Located in Jita
  • Mid Grade Slaves
  • Anonymous alt, no reputation

Notable skills

  • Advanced Spaceship command 5, 99% Finished
  • XL Torps 5
  • Tac Weapon Reconfiguration 5
  • 1.3mil SP unallocated
  • Remap Available

This character is great for scanning and exploration, falcon alt’ing, Blackops hunting, future Dread alt, mission runner, pve in general or as a main combat pilot.

(If the API did not update yet, the Sec status has been fixed to fly safely through all of high sec and corp is dropped to NPC corp.)

Highest bidder takes him home naturally.
Buyout: 83B

Thank you for your time.

75 bil

Edit: Bid changed to 76.5b

Bid revision to 76.5b, market adjustment.

@Maizie_Fields @Absolute_Truth @Gattanera

Thank you for your bids, I have added a buyout.


Bump - Feel like letting this guy go soon

Ok bump



Confirming @Maizie_Fields as the purchasing party at 76,5 Billion isk. Awaiting Isk transfer and account name.

ISK and account information has been sent. Thanks Geno!

Hi @Maizie_Fields,

Confirming isk received and transfer initiated.

Character Transfer timeframe:
“Will be completed after: 8/7/2018 5:52:45 AM”

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