WTS 129M SP Super / Dread Pilot

Hello, I am selling myself!

p/w: 1234

A few key features of myself include:

  • Great Armor Skills
  • Great Shield Skills
  • Jump Drive Calibration V
  • Heavy Fighters V
  • Light Fighters IV :frowning:
  • Great Naglfar skills (Capital Projectile Turret V)
  • Great Phoenix skills (XL Torpedoes V)
  • 500k SP Unallocated
  • All 4 Racial Carrier skills injected! (some trained to IV)

As per Character Bazaar disclosure rules:

  • Positive Balance.
  • No Kill Rights.
  • Jumpclone at Perimeter ¦ Tranquility Trading Tower (cheap training clone)
  • Character is located in D87E-A ¦ Planet 7, Moon 6 - Guardian Angels Assembly Plant

Bidding starts @ 100b, buyout @ 125b

Open to offers of instant purchase rather than a bidding war, feel free to contact me in-game by mail or through the forums.

Fly dangerously! o7

I will offer 90b

Thank you for your bid, still waiting on other offers!




90b offer still holds

Understood, 90b is still below extract value.

94 b offer

Offer accepted, accidentally deleted last response.
Waiting to receive information to initiate transfer and ISK.

Thank you!

Sent isk and my account

Character transfer initiated, thank you for your purchase!

Thank you

Check that the character name being transmitted is wrong

Yes, just noticed this - creating support ticket immediately. Deepest apologies for the stupid mistake.

Okay, I’ll wait for the normal transmission again


Contacted CCP, I hope they will sort this quickly. Thanks for understanding.

Transfer of the correct character has been completed - apologies and hope you enjoy!


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