WTS 94mil SP [Nyx. Hel. Revelation. T3. BO. Marauders]

Nice sale :smiley:

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85 bil


88 bil

Conact me ingame. None of you will offer BO? :ok_hand:

I accept youre bid.

Thanks Ozone, sending ISK and account info now.

wait what? @Ozone_Theller you send me a in game message saying you accepted my bid. Please clarify on who the actual winning bidder is.

A refresh of his skillboard shows the toon has been stripped to 16m SP (work may be in progress). Looks like I have some paperwork to file…

Edit: lol, he’s working on it right now. Down to 12 m SP…

Postscript: Norros, the OP is mocking the auction process with his “nice sale” edit of the original post, an hour after you locked the thread. Of course this is a scam, and, of course, I filed a ticket. Do you guys not act immediately on the scammer when you see this? Lock the user’s account and nab the ISK before he sells it on the street!

looks that way maybe might be worth flagging the OP

Character has been extracted, Topic doesn’t reflect the character for sale. If you feel like you were scammed please submit a support ticket by emailing support@eveonline.com or https://support.eveonline.com