WTS 95mil SP Subcap/Rev/Nag

Last bump before I’ll be closing this advert. Offers still too low. First to offer 80bil takes me home.

if you extract it and leave it like a nag focused char i can pay more isk x sp

I am not going to extract it lol. 80b is what I am asking. Which is below extraction value + selling the 5mil sp + skill books you’d be left with. If you are interested in purchase as is we can speak further otherwise Ill just hold onto him.

extraction price is around 70 i think

If you take the easy way yes 74bil is extraction value with the 5mil sp toon another 4-5b on top. If you take your time and play the market its around 78b + the toon on top. If you want the toon for a focus’d nag pilot you still end up ahead.

75Bil ISK ready