WTS 96 Sp Dreadnought/Marauder/Battleship

(ghost predator) #1


Date of birth: 2008-03-13
Pilot has got nice known name,especially among Russians
Almost ready to fly Golem, Moros
ARMOR in 5
Engineering in 5
Strong gunnery skiils
Caldari/Gallente/Minmatar Battleships in 5
Gallent Dreadnought in 5
Marauders in 5
ORE Industrial in 5

  • Security Status 5
  • No kill rights
  • 2 Jump Clones Available
  • At the moment of the sale wallet will be empty

B/o 75 bil isk

(Noahs Ark1) #2

60b ready

(ghost predator) #3

Not interested in lowballing offers

(Vulgus Carovigra) #4

72 bil

(ghost predator) #5

Reducing b/o: 75 bil

(Vulgus Carovigra) #6

75b b/o as agreed in game

(Vulgus Carovigra) #7

waiting on confirmation of transfer…

(Sulley) #8


(Shangwen Li) #9

Is the trade still open ?

(Vulgus Carovigra) #10

no it was a scam

(Shangwen Li) #11

Did you get your money back?

(Vulgus Carovigra) #12

not yet

(system) closed #13

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