WTS 99M SP Mining/Industry/Gallente and Caldari Carrier Pilot


No Kill Rights
Wallet isk is Positive, and Will Continue to be.
1 Jump Clone with +4 Implants
Main clones has +5 implants and Mining Foreman Link
Located in High Sec
4.72 Security Status
1 Free Remap.
~19M SP in drones
Can fly Sin.
Can fly Archon, Chimera and Thanatos along with Super Carrier Variants.
Able to Fly All Exhumers
Rhea and Nomad Pilot
Kronos Pilot

80 B starting Bid
Buyout unknown at this time.

Updated Starting Bid

80 Billion

81 billion

82 Billion


84 Billions


90 bil

91 Billions

92 bil

93 Billions

94 bil

Still exploring offers

Closing this, Will Come back to this later

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