Wts 9m sp chracter. armegedon pilot with carrier skill books

also buy one get one character with >1m sp free. I’ll pay both transfer fees

2 kill rights

no jump clones

+3 implants all except charisma

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Offer retracted

if you are on as of 11:46 eve time. ill take that offer. otherwise you will have to wait till i get back from work at 22:00 eve time. or untill someone else makes abetter offer during that time.

just got back from work an hour ago. its 23:28 eve time

Retracting offer. Found something else that fit my needs. Thanks



3.5 Bill BO

You need to post with Gartb stating he is for sale.

5.5b ISK READY once you post about wallet and all the other stuff.

sorry i forgot to close this forum. this caracther already sold.

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