WTS 9M SP Freighter Pilot, Free SP

Selling this character, 9M SP

Amarr Freighter pilot, can use Jump Freighter in 6 hours


260,000 Free SP
Remap Available +2 Bonus Remaps

Start Bid: 7B

B/O: 10B

5.5b I’m online all night if you’d like to chat.

too low sorry, 7B start

still for sale

6 billion

still for sale

still for sale



still for sale

still for sale

7.5b if still up for sale

8b bid

8b current bid, up for one more day otherwise 8b gets it

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8b offer accepted, awaiting isk transfer

isk has been sent

isk received, transfer initiated

email for transfer recived thankyou for the quick process

fly safe o7

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