WTS/A 5.1mil SP toon with medal AT XV winner

Hello all.
Sell this toon with medal AT XV winner

located in Jita
1 remap
wallet balance positive
member of npc corp
no kill rights
Positive Security Status

Current clone:

Start & Min price - 10bil
B/O 15bil
Auction end & close : 10.23.22


Character transfers are temporarily suspended while upgrades to the service are being conducted.

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4.5 bil. starting offer.

5 billion ISK offer from me.

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15 bil. ISK is too much for a 5 mil. ISK character. Anyone can basically get that by maxing up an Omega an running a couple of daily challenges.

I think its the alliance tournament medal that transfers with the char, is why its priced that way

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So you think that lump of pixels on a character sheet is worth about 12 billion ISK?

If the buyer thinks it is then yes.

I asked YOU the question. Not someone else. YOU answer!

don’t worry about the price.
Auction ended.no winner

Pls close this threed

So you won’t sell the character?

yes, i wanted to sell this character. information about the starting price in the first message. Cheaper than 10 billion, I will not sell

Closed by request of the Op.